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Karlheinz Stockhausen - a platform to discuss his works, to anounce forthcoming concerts and to review them.
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  • Topic by driptray. Forum: General Items

    Some years ago, I obtained a 25 LP boxed set, released in 1978, to commemorate Stockhausen's 50th birthday.

    I have not been able to find any information about it, apart from a listing of this item on the worldcat database, which describes the set in the following manner:

    "In gratitude to the composer and as a gift on the occasion of his 50th birthday on August 22, 1978, Polydor International has comprised the greater part of the recordings of these years of collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen into a limited special edition."
    Program notes in German, English, and French on or bound in individual containers; leaflet ([4] p.), signed by composer, laid in.
    Performer(s): Performed by various artists and ensembles.o
    Description: 26 audio discs 33 1/3 rpm, stereo 12 in.
    Contents: Alphabet für Liège. "Am Himmel wandre ich ..." (Indianerlieder)--Harlekin.--Der kleine Harlekin.--Chöre für Doris.--Choral.--"Atmen gibt das Leben ..."--Punkte.--Sternklang.--Drei Lieder.--Sonatine.--Spiel.--Schlagtrio.--Mikrophonie I.--Mikrophonie II.--Gruppen.--Carré.--Telemusik.--Mixtur.--Trans (First performance)--Trans (Studio recording)--Stop (London version 1973)--Ylem (First London version 1973)--Kreuzspiel.--Kontra-Punkte.--Zeitmasze.--Adieu.--Gesang der Jünglinge.--Kontakte (1. Teil)--Kontakte (2. Teil)--Mantra.--Kurzwellen.--Musik im Bauch.--Tierkreis.--Aus den sieben Tagen. Kommunion.--Aus den sieben Tagen. Intensität.--Stimmung.--Aus den sieben Tagen. Es.--Aus den sieben Tagen. Aufwärts.-Prozession (1971)--Hymnen.--Momente (Europa Version 1972)--Momente (Donaueschinger Version 1965).

    Do any forum members know about this particular collection? I have not seen it listed in any online Stockhausen discographies

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I feel that it could be useful to have a discussion-forum on the music of Stockhausen. There are so many people from all over the world, young and old, learned and eager to get into contact with this musical world: musicologists, composers, musicians, music lovers; people who plan concerts - who write books or have to give lectures and so on. So there should be much stuff, many ideas that we can share. And when we have open questions, there may be people who studied just that and could give a hint or a stimulus. A problem might be the English language, but i feel that is the only possibility that many people who are interested can participate. And we can exercise tolerance to mistakes! Thomas Ulrich
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