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Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:40 pm
Interview with Mary Bauermeister reply

Sorry for this little bit of shameless self-promotion (in fact I think I did the same last year with the interviews I recorded then with Suzanne Stephens and Kathinka Pasveer), but during my recent visit to Switzerland and Germany I met and interviewed Mary Bauermeister for my radio show here in Australia. I played this interview last night, along with some of Stockhausen's music that Mary talked about during the interview (KONTAKTE, KLAVIERSTÜCK IX, MOMENTE, LUZIFERs ABSCHIED, and more)

It's a fascinating discussion about the development of the Fluxus movement in Cologne in the 1950s, about the mistrust for everything that had gone before, about the ways in which Stockhausen and Bauermeister influenced each other, and the things they each learned from each other, as well as some more personal reflections from Mary about her life with Karlheinz, and the conflicting worlds of spirituality and physicality that were part of their life together. She finishes with an amazingly hopeful and inspiring commentary on the future, and on the task that faces today's younger generation.

If you want to listen to it, it will continue to be available on the radio station's website, as an audio file, for the next six months:

It was an astonishing experience meeting Mary and engaging with her lively, creative and energetic mind. I could have listened to her reflections for hours.



LadyMarlene ( Guest )

Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:03 pm
#2 RE: Interview with Mary Bauermeister reply

Hi Ian,

I would absolutely love to listen to this recording, particularly for the interviews with Mary Bauermeister. Unfortunately, when I click on the link you posted, I am informed that I am "not authorized to access" your recording. Would it be possible for you to forward me another link? I would so appreciated it!

All the best,


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Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:49 pm
#3 RE: Interview with Mary Bauermeister reply

Hi Lauren,

The link probably doesn't work anymore, as the audio archives for the shows at the radio station stay active only for six months. But I could email you the original files (I have them saved somewhere!!!) if you are happy to pass on your email address to me. You can send me a private message through this Forum if you prefer to do that privately rather than in the open forum.

Mary really was an amazing person to meet , and her perspective on the development of the new art and new music movements in those years, both in Stockhausen's music and more broadly, was really amazing. She spoke a lot about Stockhausen and his music, but also about the place of the arts in society, and in how we as humans change and grow. An incredible woman, and of course a very significant and talented artist.


I feel that it could be useful to have a discussion-forum on the music of Stockhausen. There are so many people from all over the world, young and old, learned and eager to get into contact with this musical world: musicologists, composers, musicians, music lovers; people who plan concerts - who write books or have to give lectures and so on. So there should be much stuff, many ideas that we can share. And when we have open questions, there may be people who studied just that and could give a hint or a stimulus. A problem might be the English language, but i feel that is the only possibility that many people who are interested can participate. And we can exercise tolerance to mistakes! Thomas Ulrich
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